torsdag 1. februar 2018

Card and gift box

Hello crafty friends!

Today I want to show you a pink card and a matching gift box. I made this for a confirmand, and hope that she like it :-)

I ordered Wild Orcid Crafts starterpack with different flowers, leaves and embellishments just to see what I could make out of it. I decided to use only flowers from this package. This is how my projects turned out.

The stamp on my card is from Stempelglede. It's from a collection called "Ha en fantastisk dag". This collection of rubber stamps also come in a english version called "Have a beautiful day".

My conclusion is that if you are new to scrapping this is a perfect package for you! You get different flowers to play with, and I'm sure you will find that the Wild Orcid Crafts products are of very good quality! I also discovered that the package is perfect for the experienced scrapper that wants to by perfectly matched, but different products!

Thank you for stopping by! Hope you got inspired :-)

Wild Orcid Crafts products:


3 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, this is absolutely stunning!! I love the papers you used!!
    So beautiful!!

  2. Oh wow, Cathrine, this set is so soft and beautiful, I love it :)

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