onsdag 27. april 2016

It is your day today.

Dear Friends!

It's been some days since I updated my blog, but here I go again ;-)

First I have some exiting news to share with you!

There are places where time stands still and moments of everyday life have been preserved for future generations, and with this in mind Pion Design proudly presents a preview of our upcoming collection Mister Tom’s Treasures.

I can't wait to get my hands on this papers! 

So, now it's time for me to share my newest Pion Design card. I've mostly been using the "Sent of Lavender" collection, and I have a lot of pictures to show you :-D

Hope you got inspired!

- Love from Cathrine -

Pion Products:
Scent of Lavender - Small leaves PD7203.
Scent of Lavender -  French country PD7206.
Scent of Lavender - Lavender boquet PD7204.
Scent of Lavender - Borders PD7210.
Scent of Lavender - Memory notes PD7211.
Easter Greetings - Borders PD7016.
Pion Design Palette - Pion White1 PD6101.
From Grandma's Attic - Animal Friends PD1310.

onsdag 13. april 2016

Life is full of beauty #DT Pion Design

Hi scrappers!

Today I would love to show you my latest card made for Pion Design. I have used papers from the new collection "Scent of Lavender". I'm totally in love with these new papers!

I hope you got inspired.
Love from
Pion products:
Scent of Lavender - Tags PD7212
Scent of Lavender - Memory Notes PD7211
Scent of Lavender - Borders PD7210
Scent of Lavender - In Provence PD7205
Scent of Lavender - Lavender Boquet PD7204
Scent of Lavender - Lavender Love PD7201
Scent of Lavender 6x6" - Lavender love PD7301
Images from the past - Scent of Lavender PD1615
Pion Design Palette - Pion Purple IV PD6128
From Grandma's Attic ~ Tinted - French Ladies PD3111

fredag 8. april 2016

Din dag


Jeg har et kort å vise dere idag. Her har jeg mikset mønsterark fra "Hell og Lykke" serien og "Muligheter" serien. Synes det funker som bare det ;-)

PD 16151 - Muligheter/ Blomsterdrøm.
PD 15997 - Hell og lykke/ Du er invitert.
Store og små tulipaner, små og store roser, hortensia, rufsete blomsterknopper.
PD 16161 - Utstansede ord - Din dag.
PD 822 - Perler, hvit.

Ønsker dere alle en flott helg!

Kreativ klem fra Cathrine.